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Growing Radishes in Western Australia

Introducing Radishes

Radishes are incredibly quick and easy to grow. These sharp-tasting little root-veggies are perfect for a first-time gardener or a fun crop to grow with the kids. They’ll tolerate a wide variety of conditions and do really well in containers. There are a range of varieties available, so choose your favourite, or try a few.

Classic Mistakes

Don’t let the soil become too dry. If the soil dries out, radishes may crack or go to seed before you have a chance to harvest them.


Grow in: Full Sun

Soil Preparation

Radishes like rich, well-draining soil. Add some compost and to your soil before you plant.

Sowing Seed

Sow seed: All Year Round
Sowing depth: 6 mm

Radishes can be planted year-round; however, you may find that they bolt too seed quickly in the hot, summer months.

Sprinkle the seeds over your soil and cover lightly with soil or compost and water well. Sow seed every 2 weeks for an almost constant supply of radishes.


Avoid planting seedlings.

Radishes, like most root vegetables, grow best from seed and should not be disturbed or moved once they’re planted. They germinate and grow so quickly that there’s no real advantage to starting them in trays.


Once your seedlings are up, thin them out according to the instructions on the seed packaging.


The soil should be moist and well-drained. Water your radishes regularly to prevent them from cracking, but don’t let them sit in wet soil.


Don’t overfeed your radishes, too much nitrogen will result in beautiful leaves and underdeveloped roots. They grow so quickly that feeding may not be necessary, but if you do feed them, be sure to use a low nitrogen feed like compost tea.


Radishes will appreciate a good organic mulch to keep the weeds out and the soil moist. Good options are lucerne, pea straw or sugar cane.


Harvest: 4 to 7 Weeks After Planting

Simply pull your radishes from the soil. Try to harvest them while they’re still young. If they stay in the ground for too long, they start to become hard. The greens can be harvested at any stage and used in salads.

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