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Growing Spring Onion in The ACT

Introducing Spring onion

These delicious onions are quick and easy to grow. They’re not particularly fussy, but they will do best in a sunny spot with rich, well-draining soil and plenty of water.

Classic Mistakes

Try not to let the soil dry out. Spring onions thrive in damp soil.


Grow in: Partial Shade - Full Sun

Soil Preparation

Dig in some compost and well-rooted manure to provide a rich soil for your spring onions.

Sowing Seed

Sow seed: August-March
Sowing depth: 10 mm


Plant seedlings: All Year Round

Place a small amount of bonemeal into each hole before planting. This encourages your spring onions to develop strong root systems which will help them to thrive and grow into strong plants.


Keep the soil nice and damp. This may mean that you need to water 2-3 times a week if the weather is warm.


If your soil is rich and well prepared, then extra feeding may not be necessary, but a feeding of compost tea or fish emulsion every 4-6 weeks will help you spring onions thrive.


Apply a generous layer of organic mulch to help keep the soil moist for your water-loving spring onions. Straw, grass clippings or shredded leaves are all good options.


Harvest: 8 to 12 Weeks After Planting

Spring onions can be cut off at ground level to harvest. This means that the roots remain in the ground and will re-sprout to give you a quick second harvest. Alternatively, pull the whole plant out of the ground and use as required.

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